All Distracted on The Cutting Room Floor

29 10 2011

All day long there are things that distract us in our day to day lives, but when you’re in front of a camera those distractions will probably take you straight to the Cutting Room Floor.

Comic-Con and the Cutting Room Floor

22 07 2011

If you want laughs, celebrities and some really great costumes this is the Cutting Room Floor to watch! Every Year the biggest comic convention comes to San Diego and provides a wealth of material that just doesn’t make the cut.

Prepping for the Interview on the Cutting Room Floor

15 07 2011

There is always all kinds of fun when people aren’t all the way ready to be interviewed. And of course those interviews are bound to end up on the cutting room floor.

Before the Interview

8 07 2011

Often times it’s what happens right before you talk to someone that is great footage for the cutting room floor.

Experts and Redos on the Cutting Room Floor

24 06 2011

You know what they say, if at first you don’t succeed…. well I guess that goes for introductions, spelling bees, press conferences and even for a good old bomb sniffing robot! And it’s all here on the Cutting Room Floor.

Animals and Pints on the Cutting Room Floor

12 03 2011

Anytime you are working with animals, sipping some beer or just plain having to stand in front of a camera, there is always something that’s bound to end up on the cutting room floor.

Rehearsals on the Cutting Room Floor

21 02 2011

Getting things right often requires practice, then again even after one has practiced, there’s always something that can end up on the cutting room floor.


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