Video Shooting Tips on the Cutting Room Floor

18 09 2009

Here’s a tip to help you with your home video shooting skills, along with some other clips that just didn’t make the cut this week.

Vodpod videos no longer available.




10 responses

18 09 2009

Oh ignored one, lacking in attractiveness to other males (thank goodness!), thank you for the laugh! 🙂

20 09 2009

I Just noticed that you have MANLY arms…so different from when you were 7! JA-ja!

20 09 2009

LOL Sherita, you are hilarious! I guess I’m not a little kid any more ja ja ja

20 09 2009

Good words – I’ll work on my steadying my hands and thickening my skin.

20 09 2009

Unless your intent is to make people sea sick LOL, I guess that could be considered artistic licence! ha ha ha

20 09 2009


21 09 2009

🙂 Glad you liked it thanks for commenting Daelynn!

21 09 2009

Great job Spencer, nice pacing and it was good to see Bernard again! (He’s not really a cop is he? He just plays one on TV!!)

21 09 2009

Ha ha ha, I guess so, but he’s close enough to “get you arrested” LOL

23 10 2009

Thank you for the tip Spencer… a little late for my wedding video (Roy and Enrique still make me seasick after all those years of wacthing it) 🙂

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